Today on my league match started at 14:15
Me and the oponent participated at the match. When the score was 1-0 he immediately made defensive substetutions and i started to press him really hard with about 65-35 possesion on my favour as i was the stronger team. after i made a substitution the game disconnected due to "problems in the servers". I was not able to login for about 10 minutes, when i succeed i saw the final score is 5-2 to him!! When most of the goals were "scored" on the early minutes when we both participated! and in the Fans tab it says no manager was present! Meaning this score was totaly made up!! This is so un fair and i see im not the only one who had this bug! Im spending so much time on this game, i havent lost a single match thos season and this absolutely sucks! You must fix this and cancel this made-up-joke score!
Match was Fc Balagan vs TT.

Please check your servers and logs and make justice.
Thanks very much.