Hi, there!

Today at 10:00 am, I've had the 2nd leg of CL. Since I've lost at the 1st leg 0-2, I decided to attend to the game.

At 24 minutes, server connection dropped, while I were winning 0-1. When I was able to reconnect, the result was 2-3 after extra-time.

When I was checking the match facts, I've scored 3 goals, and my opponent just 1 (no own goals). At 90 minutes, the result was 1-2, so it shouldn't go to extra-time. The 3rd goal, was scored during extra-time.

After a couple of hours later, the result was 0-0, no extra-time, and a different player selection on my time.

Moreover, my players were exausted (levels around 30%), what made me change my team for the league fixture.

What a mess! Hope someone solve it, because it's quite unfair.