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Thread: Need Managers with balls!!

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    Need Managers with balls!!

    Let's do it!

    One month where nobody gives them any money and maybe they will fix the major ****-up that T11 has become.
    Seems like they have buried their heads in the sand on this obvious cock-up, time to hit where it hurts.
    Any managers with balls ready to make them work?

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    Im with you!
    Thus is pathetic, they dont even try to hide their intentions. I lost all my games since i complained! Till yesterday i havent lost a single match! Was on top of every tournament and today i lost the cup and probably the league after loosing to much weaker teams when the opponents manager wasnt even attending and i Was at top form and training. This is ridiculous. F*** it im out of here and 2 of my frinds with me.
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    @Barry, you are very funny... really!

    Do you really from over 100.000.000M accounts just because you complained Top Eleven is starting to put you bad results? Have you any idea how many managers complained so far?

    Seriously guy, Top Eleven is not doing this because you complain. Maybe the game is not always right but what are you saying Barry are just stories...

    @Graeme, good luck!
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