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Thread: Still one match to go but in preseason mode??

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    Still one match to go but in preseason mode??

    Title says it all. I have one game left to play in the season, but next match preview says I'm in pre-season mode. I still can see the game in fixtures though.

    Also, I'm first in the league but it looks like there is no champion league? I'm level 1

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    I'm on iOS and have been playing T11 since 2013. This has always been the case since I began playing.
    The front page of my team goes straight to "pre-season" after the final game on the second last day of the season.
    The final league game works fine, but the new association games simply would not load.

    As for the Champions League, you qualify for it by finishing in the top four of the previous season's league, just like how it works in the British Premier League. Since you're a new player this season, there is no CL for you in your first season. You will get it tomorrow when level 2 begins for you.