I was watching my association's match and the game just glitched with "connection failure" and since then, i haven't been able to play.
Every time i enter Top eleven in my android or facebook, it loads the game but it tells me that there is a connection failure, and it won't let me do anything but to reload the game/page. Even if i reload it or eliminate cache, etc it keeps telling me that.
Sometimes it does load but it tells me that my team is in preseason, and it won't let me enter to my team, training, club, etc (it just keeps loading and never stops)
I have already entered from my laptop, cellphone, official page, facebook, etc and it hasn't worked yet. If i don't get any help, my team won't be able to be trained! please help me (sorry for my bad english)
screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot (It says that i don't have any associations, it's weird)
My club name is Vadiye F.C
Thank you