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    Lag during Matches

    Hey Moi, I have been experiencing lags in my matches for a while now, I always close the app and reopen to solve the issue, but I did that today to no avail, it happened again. Everything just vanishes on the Match screen. something like this

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    This bug will be fixed in the upcoming release

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    Lag during Matches-screenshot_1.jpg
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    Come on

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    not fixed

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    Sure,and when you load again,result is often really different from what you were seeing just before exiting
    and reloading.

    For example,at 70 min, I see 5-0,no image,so I reload and 5-2 appears to me,
    with opponent goals scored at 50 and 60 minutes,while I saw 5-0,instead...

    A very disappointing issue,as it can deceive your game strategy:
    immagine you are winning 2-0,while you're setting a conservative
    strategy,the bug appears,so you reload and discover you're 2-2,so the
    conservative strategy was not so accurate for the match event
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