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    Bug? something its wrong

    What is this? me and 2 members from my association wining before disconnection (6-0, 1-0,1-0)
    after 1 hour the results became 0-0 and a message appeared that matches never started because the opponent hasn't 11 players
    and we lost 3x3=9 points. Fix it and give us back our points pls
    Bug? something its wrong-screenshot-17-.jpgBug? something its wrong-screenshot-15-.jpg
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    yea, the same with my association. We are a bulgarians/God and admins forgive us/, but you are greek man, i'm sure with you everything will be alright.
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    We face the same issue and now my home screen cannot load. The notification that this game is about to start always appears again and again. I cannot view my nearest match as well.

    Please fix!

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    Please check this post about issues during last weekend in Associations

    Didier_Drogba: These bugs affected all users from all nationalities, it has nothing to do with you being Bulgarian, or Swedish, or American. And please stop opening new threads with insults or you won't be able to post again, many other users suffered from this bug and reported them in this Forum without insulting anyone.