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    Login on IOS device with 2 different Facebook accounts

    Hi I can not logon with my Facebook account anymore because it is always loading the profile of my brother's facebook account. Before the update i could logout from the game and from facebook then logon with the other Facebook account and the game used the new Facebook account. Now it is impossible, any workaround?!

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    Hi Gabriela, that's odd. What's the error you receive when you try to Log out from your brother's account? It simply logs in again with his account instead?

    There's little I can check from here, but my guess is that he is logged into his Facebook account in Safari. You have to log out his account from that browser, then go back to Top Eleven, log out from his account there, then log in with yours.

    If this doesn't solve the problem, please contact our Support team from Top Eleven (even if you're still logged in with your brother's account). Simply click the question mark icon "?" next to Settings to open our ingame Help.