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    Moral boosters

    for 2 days on the trot i have used moral boosters to upgrade my team after a match,and twice it has taken them,then when you check again it hasnt changed in the players stats, is this another way of cheating us out of things in this game. This game is really starting to p-ss me of with things not working .It is becoming more than a joke,get it sorted

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    morale boosters from my three teams.
    I wish I could exchange them with greens
    Moral boosters-morale-boosters.jpg
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    Hey Steve,

    Please contact our support team on this matter. They will be able to check your account and see if anything went wrong.

    Also make sure to provide them with a precise date & time of when you noticed that there was an issue with the morale of your players (Specifying the match after which you noticed this should be really helpful as well)

    You can contact them either by tapping on the "?" button in the mobile app, next to Settings, or go to > Support > Contact us Link, and click on the "...from here..." hyperlink at the bottom of the page.