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    friend list problem

    i have a friend add from the facebook... but now, i can't either take him out from my friend list.... or do anything about him and he did the same...

    i can send him a daily gift, but he can't send me anything....

    he can't see me in his friend list, but he is in my friend list.... (however, he can support my game and i can support him too)
    he said in the figure, he can see my coming game, but "i am not in light blue(friend)...

    we can't take out each other from the friend list... (the X is missing from the picture.... and i only saw a "white" picture)

    i try to delete our friendship in FB and add again, but still the same.... what is happening??

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    Hey Ahlony,

    Please both you and your friend, do the following - Relog your Facebook profiles both on the Web and on the mobile Facebook app (If you also play on mobile).

    Maybe the system is having trouble updating your friendship properly.

    If the problem persists please PM me the details of your account and that of your friend - I wish to see how things look on our side.

    Thank you in advance!