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Thread: Deleted friends are mot going away

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    Deleted friends are mot going away

    Does anybody have a solution to this.
    I had in the past way too many friends, like 160 or so.
    In this case i talk about FB friends.
    That was too many cause not all friends were showing up in upcoming matches.
    So i deleted like 130 of them.
    Most of them went away, but still, like 25 or so are just staying in my list and also in upcoming matches.
    Support promised me that due to sync problems they would dissapear in time.
    Waited couple of weeks, but, u feel it coming, they are still there.
    I want them out of my life
    So, solution somebody?
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    I still have the same problem with 3-4 that I deleted before some months
    I read somewhere about deleting cookies of fb and update the friends list of fb, but not sure as I 'm not good at fb
    I wrote about this in bugs section but it seems not many care about it.
    agree it's very annoying.
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    There's a few frustrating things about how FB connects to the mobile app. I wish I hadn't linked my account, and wish I hadn't hit the 'find friends' button, but can't undo either.

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    I might be in the minority, but I like it when deleted friends accounts aren't removed from my t11 friends list. I'm not comfortable with people I don't know in real life being able to see my entire social media account for privacy/security reasons, but its nice to have them remain on the t11 friends list, in case I need to look for a new association at some point (which I fear might be coming soon).
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