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    I have been noticing this since the updates, even when you do just condition and attack training it says something about defence instead. . I hope it's looked into pretty soon
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    Thank you for reporting this Awe.

    I'll escalate this to the team. I'm not sure if it's a bug though - I can see from the screenshot that there are a couple of defense-oriented players and they have gained skill from the training session. It seems that the game had to decide between congratulating you on the Defenders' success or on the Attackers' success, because there are two of each. It's a 50-50 basically. The message does take in to consideration the role-set of the players that are present during the training session.

    if you can provide me with a screenshot of other training sessions where there is an uneven amount of players in regards to their roles (3 STs/Midfielders vs 1 Defender), and the message then goes to congratulate you about the defender(s) it would be of great help.

    But as I said, I'll report this on your behalf. Thank you for taking the time to signal about the issue and even provide us with screenshots!
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    Maybe this can help in the investigation

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    yes, if you speak dutch
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