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Thread: No tokens from your surveys or other things.

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    Unhappy No tokens from your surveys or other things.

    I dont get any tokens from your surveys and that if you register on Western Union you get tokens, i did register with valid information and i didnt receive any tokens from that?
    the only thing i got tokens from is watching videos.
    So where is the other tokens from all surveys, I did register on that site with personal information, but still no tokens?

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    I did watch a movie today and yesterday and they said I would get 1 token.. never happend

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    Sometimes it will happen that you don't get any tokens at all.....
    It can happen when you did already made a survey from a particular offer/client.

    When that happend, wait for any 'new' offers/videos to complete......

    At the start of completing all that token surveys, i receive more than 100 tokens.....but for now, when i complete any 'free' survey, I also don't get any token(s)......just wait for new video's, all other offers aren't available anymore.

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