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Thread: Income: -441k in single association match

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    Income: -441k in single association match

    Hi mates, something very wrong happen today with my economy.... After second match in association /my team was a host/ income was negative, not only for wages or bad balance... it was -441k.... i attach a screenshots

    User: Mihail Petrov
    User ID: 526144382
    Manager level: 60
    Club Name: Anarchy
    Club Level: 41
    Association name: Monster
    Association problem battle: Monster vs Aссоциация белорусских клубов

    As u can see in screenshot there is a mismatch between "today income" and "income" in current association match. Unfortunately, i really lost 441k money, cause this morning i`ve got +1.1 billion /or near by/.

    Income: -441k in single association match-2.jpgIncome: -441k in single association match-1.jpg

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    you gave win bonus 26,6 M' , that's why you had negative income from your asso game.
    You also bought a player today and you re negative.
    Remove your win bonus from asso games (it's the 4th column, friendly games) and sign the daily contract which gives more money.

    better remove all the bonus (if you have), your finance aren't good.
    Also do some tests with the price of your tickets, maybe to increase a little.
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    My home games cost me £6.2m

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    lol, easy if you dont want your balance minus, NEVER BUY PLAYER & NO WIN BONUS.

    From your SS, 349M income for sell player and 949M for buy player, that already 600m deficit

    -441k in 1 match was nothing
    Income: -441k in single association match-untitled-146396.jpg

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    Sorry mates, for this embracing thread, and thanks for replays. Actualy -441k is pretty good, of course the best is when income is positive. So i experiment with prizes of tickets in FA, cause 51.6/260 fans on stadium was very low audience. So i put 40 ticket prize, and 12.8 win bonus....
    The problem here is that i've never seen such a big numbers "-441" from a 30 level ago.... and i thought it was "-441M" Stupid as hell...
    Cheerz and have fun