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    Loading screen bug

    Hi there players!

    Yesterday Top eleven worked fine on the computer but today when i tried to login i got stuck at loading screen at 100%

    ive tried to update chrome and remove flash cache and web history and cache
    Tried firefox latest version, no work
    tried to restart the computer, no work

    basic i tried everything but nothing works

    any tip? i saw that they have updated the game today? it works on the phone though

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    Run the game from facebook it works for me

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    Clean your pc with ccleaner and Adware Cleaner (browsercleaner spyware)

    ill do it every week and have no problems and the game runs smootly

    And set your Internet-time /servertime at
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    Hey Wolwet, this should be caused by the update - I'm actually having the same issue here. Can log in through my android but not via the Web.

    Please report this issue to our support so they can register the case. It helps to know how many such cases we have and to gather some tech. data.

    Either use our online support form.
    Or Open the app on your mobile and tap the "?" button next to Options in the bottom left.