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Thread: Pc version broken?

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    Pc version broken?

    On my PC with fb acoount

    i get a only 2 advertisments but they dont work

    no x2 bonus a day and 1 green pack

    and it seems that the training is alo vey slow to get the % bonus up

    Normally 4 trainings with easy/very easy skills need now 6 trainings and some times a bonus does react just a little bit

    this morning i had 6 % on defense bonus but needed 4 * 2 easy drill to get 8% with 14 players (reserves) normally just 2

    This is very distrubing and disadvantage for those who play the game on Pc

    (who plays with their phone have the advantage of more video's a day

    and the advice of the assmanager in middel of the match)
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    I think it's for longtime. I dont see the x2 in PC but Ok in mobile android. Also Pc version run very slow and not smooth like mobile
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