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    Champions League level


    I am lvl 43 on the league, but I was put jn a lvl 44 Champions League. I am also on lvl 44 cup, but that is understandable. However, in the Champions League I should be with clubs with the same level...

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    Hi George

    The club level of the participants in the Champions League might not be the same, due to the fact that the mixing of teams depend of how many of them are available on each level for each server. It also depends on their performance in recent matches and in previous CLs, if they participated of course.

    The strength should be on a par between all Managers in the Champions League, so don't be intimidated by the difference in level as not once it has occurred so that a lower club completely dominates another club, which is one level higher.

    Good luck!
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    Hello Voldara,

    You do know that is not true. Clubs with the same level compete in the same level league and champions league. Only for the cup is different. And to exemplify, i was two or three seasons in a row with a guy who invested massively, so all his players were 200%. He was same level as me and as the other players in the Champions League.
    Also, know that what are you saying means that buying tokens became useless, as if you buy good players you are automatically put with players with hogher level. Isn't that plain stupid for a game who earn the money from the tokens sold?

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    Well, I think the aim of this strategy is to force successful managers to invest more resources to be able to compete: it's been 5 seasons in a row I'm in a level+1 CL. At least this time, I have a chance to compete, which was absolutely not the case before. I am even more frustrated with what is going on in associations where you can see 4 star asso at the top level when we have to fight week after week with 6-7 star ones. That's utterly unfair.
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    playing in a +1 lv CH.L. hasn't anything to do with completing the groups.
    It's happening in lower levels too (like a team I have in 6-7 lv)
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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez
    I think only quality of the players determines this. The best way to avoid this building an average team before the next season, keeping the strong key players and get rid of others (higher than 5*) and next season buying new ones. It still needs too many resources. But as Gizzmo has emphasized other scenario is worse since when you play against +1 and +2 or even +3 (in cup) their 3-4-5 star players are equal to your scouts, world classes or superstars.