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    Watched video but no reward?

    Has it happened to someone else ?
    I have watched like 2-3 videos ( Green boosters ) and I don't get any boosters. ( After video, it says that Gratz, you have collected one free booster etc, but amount stays the same ).
    Watched 3 videos and no boosters, so I stopped watching, because it looked like some kind of error.
    Should I report or what is going on? Maybe boosters will be added later? ( I doubt that... )

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    Report to Support.

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    You can feel free to write to support about this k1tb, as dave1311 said.

    Also take note of how many videos you watched so that the agents can compare that with what's archived in the system.

    But please know that sometimes it can actually take some time for a booster to be added. Videos just like offers have to be verified (Rather the fact that you watched said video has to be verified), and this can slow down the process. I often have this "issue" when watching videos through my home wi-fi (I've actually talked as to how bad my home network is in a different thread), and sometimes I get the boosters a few minutes later. But to be honest I always get them eventually.
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