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    Game not loading since 25/02/2017

    Games not loading since 25th february, i tried it in chrome, opera, internet explorer and also downloaded the gameroom program. I the brazilian forum i read other people having the same problem. Any news on what to do?

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    Hey dnjn016,

    does anything happen at all when you try to load the game on any of your browsers? Does the game start loading then halting half way through or something?
    Any error messages? (A screenshot of the screen would be of help too)

    Can you also try running the game via this link to the old version. Tell me of the outcome.

    What are the specs of your computer btw?
    Graphics card
    Amount of RAM

    Also does your computer have the latest driver for the graphics cards installed?

    P.S. Btw did yoiu try loading the game both through and