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    New fb account

    I deleted my fb account which was linked with TE. How can I link to the new one? When I try to login it tells me there is an error.

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    Didn't you have a google account linked to your TE account?
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    Hey Darko!

    Unfortunately, once you link a Top 11 account to a FB one, that link is permanent. The reason you are getting an error is because you deleted your Facebook account, but are trying to log in into the game with it. If your Top 11 account is also linked with Google+ / Apple "Game Center, simply log in using them. If your Top 11 account was only linked to Facebook, it gets tricky.

    I checked the web and figured out two other possible options. When it comes to Facebook accounts, you can either deactivate or delete them.
    1) If you deactivated your FB, you can reactivate whenever you want. You can do that with a standard log in (using your email and password).
    2) When deleting Facebook accounts, Facebook delays the deletion a few days after it's requested. If you log in during this time(again, using your email and password) , deletion is canceled.

    If you can restore your Facebook account via one of these options, simply log in and connect your Top 11 with another social network (Google+ / Apple "Game Center). You can read more about Account linking here, in this educational thread posted by Jeeves , the other Forum Administrator.

    Good luck!