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Thread: Something Is Clearly Wrong In This Game; Match Fixing or Game Flaw/Fault? (Important)

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    Something Is Clearly Wrong In This Game; Match Fixing or Game Flaw/Fault? (Important)

    There have been several complaints on the forum from many users concerning how abandoned teams (sometimes referred to as ‘bot teams’, but those should not be bot teams as such as these teams are those where the manager is not present during the match and where the team seems to be maintenance – no training, no management as such and so on).

    I, as someone who has been playing this game at different periods during those past 2 years, I can confirm that there is something clearly wrong with this game. It is not specifically for when it comes to the case of abandoned teams but the problem is there in general; just that it becomes more evident in the case where the opposing team is an abandoned team. It is not also specifically about winning or losing; you can still win, draw or lose, but what is happening as outcomes does not have much sense. For instance, you can have say a 6-star team, you are using a decent formation and decent orders (not only decent, but those that are expected to give you advantages - termed as counters with respect to what the opponent is using and what quality he has) but still your team concedes unexpected goals.

    My Observations
    In some matches, it is clear that the match being shown to play (as highlights and comments) is on ‘playback’, that is, whatever a manager will be doing for his team (formation, orders, bonuses) gives no logical or expected effects. In fact, it is clear that there is no effect at all in some matches; it seems that the match is proceeding completely based on something else. For understanding purposes, I would describe it as someone is playing say a video game like Fifa where he is pushing on the buttons of the controller, thinking that he is controlling the players but he has not switch the controller icon to the side of the team he wanted to control; instead, the computer is controlling his team. Another example is as if someone is pushing on the keys of a keyboard, thinking that he is controlling something or inputting something, but the cable has not been plugged. So, what is happening as shown on the screen is independent on whatever this person will be inputting.

    Relatively weak or very weak abandoned teams seem to be scoring goals out of nowhere, and many times it happened early in the match (sometimes as early as in the first few minutes). For example, a player just appears close to the opposing box, shoots and scores. Another example is what would be a relatively weak player (say a 3-4 star player) suddenly becomes a super player (7-9 stars) where he runs through several opposing defenders (with the defenders appear to be closing down on him, but with no attempt to tackle or challenge – like as if the defenders sold the match – allowing the attacker to go through them, then dribble past the GK and slide the ball in the net). It does not seem to matter if it is a 3 star attacker versus 5-6 defenders and 5-6 stars goalkeeper; it just happens probably because the engine wants one team to win, draw, get goals or for some other reasons.

    Below is an example of a case where a strong active team faced a weaker, abandoned team and lost. The team that lost had the advantage of quality and that of a decent counter formation and orders, but still it lost.

    The assistant manager said that the opponent was a better team. How? Clearly, quality-wise they are not. Formation-wise, it is also expected that they are inferior. The active team had training bonuses, players in good condition and morale, while it is expected that the abandoned team did not.

    I have seen many examples of abnormal results and unexpected things as shown to happen on the pitch. It is not just where a team has lost, that is, the team still won or got a draw, but what has happened in the match in terms of goals and what were shown in the highlights are neither normal nor expected. So, either some or all of these are by intention (programmed to occur as such) or there are faults or flaws in the game.
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