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Thread: Assosiation Championship lost after win

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    Angry Assosiation Championship lost after win

    Dear Support Team,

    At 01.17.2017 19 CTM we have lost our assosiation championship ( 6 team against 6 team) after the final game winnings. The final game was with my team: Rúgdelőre FC 3:0 for me. Redcard Brigad won against Colt Dinamos. Both assosiation have 18 point reach and we have won with penalty kiks, but I with my team haven't get the 3 point.
    Rúgdelőre FC have draw against the QUINTERO FC with 3:0 and with penalty kiks also. But after this game the TOPeleven just loaded and loaded and nothing happend, and we lost the championship, because this errors.
    The first time was in the beginning of May. This is the second case.

    Can anybody anything doing in this case?

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    send a ticket to support (all your group) and get 10 tokens for compensation, nothing else
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