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    Exclamation Fix this visual bug on player stars

    I love this little feature where you could see the star progress on a player, but it is inaccurate.

    Say that I have a player of 110%, 5 more percent to being a superstar.
    You might expect the star progress would be filled halfway, right?

    Wrong, shows that is is only filled up 1/4 of the way. Same goes with any other progress, it will show an inaccurate representation.
    (this was a easier example to explain)

    I hope this will get fixed asap.
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    Anquilis can you take a screenshot of the player's star count together with the quality % and points of the player?

    Here's a player I have who's 6% off from his 7th star. He's 114% which is sliiightly more than half of what he needs to get a full star (20% of quality). And his 7th star is a bit more than half-full so by all means it looks like an accurate representation of how far he is. :/

    Fix this visual bug on player stars-road-world-class-player.jpg

    I'm asking because you're giving an example with a player who's 110% and it will take him extra 10% in quality to gain his next star, but that's still half of the overall, so what you say should be true. His next star shouldn't be 1/4 full. I wonder if it's an issue with your local game-files.

    Also, moving thread to Bugs forum.
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