After fixing the bug with 3 positions, here's another one.
DML and DMR roles no longer exists in new Top Eleven, but those roles have not been replaced by another one, but they have been merged with another one.

In simple words...

A DML only to be changed into DL (or ML) is accepted.

A DR/DMR to be merged into DR only is frustrating and not accepted. He should be changed into DR/MR for example. Because else a player with 2 roles will have only one.

A DML/DMC/DMR will be able to play effectively only as DMC now. So he had 3 roles, now he is as if as he has only one.

This merge is a crap, another bad bad bug, another really bad bad update.

Nordeus should immediately take care of this and change their attitude. This does not show respect to users/managers/clients!
All DML/DMR roles merged should be given back and replaced by another, preferably a DML with either a DL or ML or DMC, provided that the player does not have such a role and, respectively, a DML with either a DR or MR or DMC...

This is the less Nordeus should do about that.

I wonder! Are they new updates tested before released or not?