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Thread: Nordeus THIEVES!!!!!!

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    Nordeus THIEVES!!!!!!

    You stole from me 265 tokens, and again I reached 9 opponents in this test, and again lost in the penalty shootout, because of the fact that Nordeus is trying to beat the punches of completely different players than those that I bet.

    Why the penalties are being beaten by the players of which I did not bed - EXPLAIN!!!!! 6 times because of this I lost - so its your fault, not mine, you are obliged to return to me all the spent tokens

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    If you had this issue for 6 times then I honestly do not know what yo say. Have you even attempt to make some screen shoots or something as this because a regular thing for you?

    Never heard of this bug before so is hard to believe it...

    Try to contact the support team in-game as this is a technical issues and we cannot do very much here.
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