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    No longer able to attach pics to TE support

    The Contact Us support feature no longer allows me to attach pics to support requests. The top eleven app tries to access my photos then completely crashes.

    I already deleted the app from my phone and reloaded the Top Eleven app.

    Note I can write and submit text to support, but pics will always crash the app.

    I am on an iphone. I also believe this started some time after the latest TE upgrade.

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    Hey Sqltom,

    This is an old issue that was fixed actually. So I'm not sure what's causing it.

    The system we use for communication between support and the players, called Helpshift, was supposed to go through a short maintenance. But the most that could have happened during that period would be a downtime and no issues with sending shots. :/

    I'll ask around and see if I find anything.
    Mean while can you tell me what's exact model of your device?