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    [Official] Technical issues for weekend of 10/3-11/3

    Gather 'round, Managers.

    As some of you already noticed, we had some issues with the system servers this weekend. Some of them were down for a few hours, others were restarted. Now unfortunately, this lead to some further technical complications for a proportion of users, such as:

    1. Changed results - cases in which the match had to be re-simulated internally due to the server malfunction, and came out with a different result than the original.
    2. Login issues - managers were faced with a server error, when trying to enter the game.
    3. F.A. matches unavailable - match result was not saved in our database and appears as a 0-0 draw.
    4. Associations Tab unavailable - F.A. servers were not responding,prohibiting managers from attending the tournament.

    Thankfully, everything is back to normal at this point and the servers are working as intended, but I do want to take the time to apologize for this whole thing on behalf of the whole team. Our tech department is all hands on deck at the moment. Our Support Team will be providing compensations for most of these cases too, so feel free to get in touch.
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    I think that support should also add at least +25 points in an asso group which had this problem.
    My group didn't qualify in the final so lost 25-50 points.
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