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Thread: 11 eligible players!!!!

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    11 eligible players!!!!

    Not to happy at the moment I'm fighting for 1st in my league (2points behind) and had a game against 6th place today but with 1 minute to go I get disconnected and couldn't get back on in till about 5mins later. When I did come back I lost 3-0 but the game wasn't played and this came up (The match was not played because the defeated club did not arrive with 11 eligible players for the game) Which I had done my team before hand and I swear I could see 11 players on the field Also another game in league had the same outcome the funny thing is it was 1st place winning this way . So I'm not to happy at the mo but I hope it gets sorted as I have a champions league semi final 2moz but I spose 1 thing I'm the home team so might work out as it was the away teams affected

    Bit of a joke really as I've spent money on this game!!!!
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