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Thread: More Problems..................again

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    More Problems..................again

    Tonights Asso , what a debacle. First off scheduling a CL Final 25 minutes before the 1st leg of Asso ( now that is just a plain greedy money suck) and then a League match between the 1st leg and 2 nd leg of Assos , are you just greedy or stupid Nordeus ?
    Then there is the problem with Assos itself. Halfway through the 1st leg I get disconnected and cant reconnect until about 30 minutes before the 2nd leg. 2nd leg , guess what it happens again and I still cant reconnect. I also suspect some dodgy results are happening in this as well.
    So tonight I lose about half of "prime time" to either watch the matches , farm greens, blues etc or do anything with the IC team. Great , fantastic only 8 days and 1 is half wasted through no fault of mine.
    I dont normally have a crack at Nordeus but with all the rubbish that has come our way this week I have had enough. And yes I want cheese with my whine.
    Some of you look back and remember how it was while some of us look forward to see what it could become

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    Surprised that you've not been trolled on this one.
    But it sounds like you've just taken your first step on the road to nowhere, which is where a lot of us on the forum feel our suggestions and complaints end up.
    Remember that we, you, I who actively participate on the forum are a very, very, very, very small minority....................and Nordeus don't seem to listen or care.