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Thread: AFTER LAST UPDATE!!! (Message to Top Eleven)

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    AFTER LAST UPDATE!!! (Message to Top Eleven)

    Hello everyone,
    Before last update whenever I train my players they used to gain some skill points.. The GK training method was good for saving our time as we could train players quickly..

    But now even when I train my younger players of 18/19/20/21/22 years olds they hardly gain skill points.. Its just waste of time..

    Are you guys trying to tell us to spend real money on scout/recommended players? Because buying young players && working our way up looks tough now.. This game is moving from "Everyone's game" to "Pay to Win" .. I am playing this game because football is in my blood but the direction you are going is not good..

    If its so then there no point on spending time on this.. Dont expect most of us to spend our hard earned money on games.. I would rather donate it to needy ones.. !!!
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    Yes they are forcing us to buy good players... Training seems waste of time now...