Where do I start, nothing seems to be working correctly at the moment. Constantly getting Connection errors or reconnecting which happens every few minutes no matter what I am doing, Training, playing a game, or even just looking at fixtures. Friendlies being made by friends but not appearing or showing for them, shows for me but even when the game has passed no results as though the game is still to be played. I cannot renew player contracts because the game has decided to give me old low star players which I have to sack (sometimes taking 2 or 3 tries before it allows me to sack them. Showing me results for the new seasons Association matches before the season has started. Not showing me what training is needed even though I know my team needs training. Ridiculous results in matches. No incentive to attend matches because even if you are favourite, playing at home, watching the game AND have full support, I lose to silly teams, we have no control of the game, I can, have my players with no moral (red) not fit, not trained my team, not go in a match have injured/banned players and win, when the other manager is there with supporters in his or my home and with a stronger team than mine and I win, yes I know we get results like that in real life OCCASIONALLY, not 8 or 9 times per season,surely incentive is to work the game, have players with good moral, fit and full condition, to be in the game, so all these things help you, but it seems it doesn't matter what you do or don't do the outcome has already been decided. I have lost so much interest due to all these problems, it's not a fun experience, It's a total stress out trying to get in the game and then knowing no matter what you do you have no control of the game. You add more and more things to the game but fail to fix the problems that have been there season after season and I for one am starting to get extremely demoralised, is it time for me to find another game? It's time you got a grip of things and sort the problems out before adding more problems!Friendlies, error connecting/ reconnect, unable to sack a player, matches not showing-2018-05-28-020829_1280x800_scrot.jpgFriendlies, error connecting/ reconnect, unable to sack a player, matches not showing-2018-05-28-015828_1280x800_scrot.jpgFriendlies, error connecting/ reconnect, unable to sack a player, matches not showing-2018-05-28-015709_1280x800_scrot.jpg