We can get this kind of players or is a hack?
Is ireal like a player of 18-19 year old to have 340 % at principal attributes and 1% to the gray ones.18-19 yold Monster players-screenshot_20180614-195454.jpg18-19 yold Monster players-screenshot_20180614-195533.jpg
18-19 yold Monster players-screenshot_20180614-195551.jpg
18-19 yold Monster players-screenshot_20180614-195800.jpg
18-19 yold Monster players-screenshot_20180616-001433.jpg
18-19 yold Monster players-screenshot_20180616-001512.jpg
18-19 yold Monster players-screenshot_20180616-001718.jpg
18-19 yold Monster players-screenshot_20180616-002007.jpg