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    broken adv

    There is an adv for farming (a game app)
    Rise up.
    The x button doesn't work, it leads to play store.
    You must tab many times the back button to return to TE interface.
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    2 ads for films by Universal Pictures where the countdown timer doesn't work. Ad finishes but timer still shows 28 seconds - oh dear, something went wrong.
    Ad for New Balance that crashes with no exit.
    Any ad that has "mini game loading" has a 50% chance of crashing leaving a pure white screen with no escape.
    But then again my iPad is about to retire itself. It's old, it's tired.
    What went wrong with the ad providers? These problems didn't used to happen with such frequency AND I was watching 3 times as many videos.
    Sorry to say that I'm past caring. If I get ads I'll play them for rewards, if I don't get any or they start to piss about I just switch the game off.

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    Hey guys,

    Can you please screenshot them next time? This will help us identify the provider. Thanks.