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Thread: Assists, substitutions and half time game jump

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    Assists, substitutions and half time game jump

    I have a few concerns I’d like to raise. First of all assists, I notified I get a lot of goals where we score, but no assists are noted? Usually under a goal it will note the assist, but sometimes nothing appears despite me clearly seeing from highlights who assisted? Secondly, for some reason substitutions seem to act funny. Sometimes they are made straigtaway, sometimes like 10-30 mins later... a few times they were not even made. However, it would show in formation screen that I changed a player, but when a highlight appears , the old player is still not substituted l? Finally, my game often jumps to either half time or full time randomly ? I usually have to restart the game and it would return to its normal time

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    All known bugs which have been reported to the Admins. Added to a long list (sigh).
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