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Thread: Pause SA/NP drill bug

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    Pause SA/NP drill bug

    Alright, i have this bug from last season and somehow i already fix the problem, the problem is when we pause the drill, we still get the SA drill point from a match, we will not get any point from normal train but match only.

    I fix that bug by clear cache and data also change player name, the player with that issue. Fix it, but this season its occur again, same player. Already try clear cache and data but no luck, i guess change his name will solve the problem, maybe.. well because i already complete his sa/np drill by accident (curse you nordeus) so i cant test it.

    So dev, please look and fix the bug, its so funny if change player name will fix that bug, so we must spend token for that player every season, what kinds of bug is that?

    So if some manager come across this issue, change his name, clear cache and data also help.

    End of story, thank you nordeus for ruining my player hohohoh
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