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    Training Screen Frozen

    Hello, I am a new player. I have run into the same exact problem the past 2 days. I have a new club, and when I level up to training level 3, I do not get to choose a new training program and everything on the training screen is frozen. My level is no longer visible on the right side of the screen. I cannot select anything on the training screen. However, everything else in the game works just fine. It is extremely frustrating because i cannot train any players and cannot raise my bonus for my games. I had the problem yesterday with one team, so I started a new team on a new account and had the exact same problem today. Can anyone give me advice? I already cleared the game data from the app & reinstalled the game but no difference. Thanks for any advice.

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    Hi ole_juan_hapa,

    Welcome to the Forum! Sorry to hear about this - which device are you playing on, and have you updated to the latest version? When you re-open the game, has your progress increased? Thanks for any more info.