UPDATE 3: Extra losses that were appearing incorrectly in Club History have been corrected.



We've just pushed a retroactive patch for goals, assists and competition cash to correct the stats from yesterday/today (pre-fix). Unfortunately, we weren't able to retroactively correct appearances/ratings/skill points.

We will follow up with more info related to results appearing incorrectly with Club History.



We've pushed a fix for the following:

Pre-season message showing after challenge matches.

Stats not being counted properly. All matches from after the fix should accumulate correctly. We're continuing to work on issues with stats from yesterday. We will update the thread with more info as soon as we have it.


Hi Managers,

We're aware of the following two issues:

1) Pre-season message is displayed on the home screen. Just reload the app and it will revert to normal.

2) Extra defeat is recorded regardless of your match result. The team is working on this currently and we will update when we have more info.

We apologize for the inconvenience.