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Thread: Tanking league

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    Tanking league

    I am in a league where the top 3 , where I am in no 2 for now, but almost all of the other teams are either tanking or not putting up a fight. My average is 113% the leader is 170+ 3rd place is 120+ both are my game friend's. The worst part is most of them are either 140/ 130/150+ average teams. They could have easily put up some resistance to the top guy but all of them are either pussies or just want an easy league where they are the big fish and all others, small fries. If I had an team with average of 130-150+,then I am sure I could either cause an upset or better give our league leader a run for his money.
    Yes I have been in 2 seasons with him he's strong(very) but I am getting close.

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    Tankers = the scourge of this game. Just short of cheating in my opinion. If they want to win so badly, try snakes and ladders.
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