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    I'm in a higher league championship.

    I just started a new season on top eleven. I finished the season with a 117% team. Using tokens buying 5 talent players for 69 tokens and a couple of 0 money 79 tokens scout players. But in this season. In my champions league I checked all the Teams. And I'm the only team from leauge 3. Everyone else is league 4. How is this fair? Is this because I got those players? It's a bug right? Why should I be punished for spending tokens? Isent that something that should be rewarded? Should I not use any tokens this season then? And fall down in quality? So I don't have to compete with players who easy can get 1 star better player for the same tokens? Seems so unfair. And I feel like I'm punished for having a good team. Does this mean I will at least get money for league 4 championship league matches? Or is it pure punishment all the way. And I just noticed I'm the only level 3 team in the cup as well. I mean come on? This is frustrating
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    Hi Nicesquid,

    There are different factors that impact the opponents you face in the various competitions. Please see this FAQ article for more details on each specific one.