That's my team RINO
Hooper ML-AML is in the bench
Missing a sub player in event-rino-tour-7-sub-missing-1st.jpg

but when I played vs JUVE- VECCHIA Hooper was missing from my bench.
Don't know if this has to do because I won Schosser the ST-AMC from the previous event game but I missed a player that I could use and had a useless player from my bench in his position (Eythimiadis ST-AMC 2*)
Missing a sub player in event-rino-tour-7-sub-missing.jpg

Missing a sub player in event-rino-tour-7-sub-missing-2.jpg

I have sent a report.
Do you think they 'll reply ...
Apologies for this inconvenience, we 'll send you the emblem of the event (or 20 tokens to join again and claim it).