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    Aggregate score bug

    First leg 2:1
    2nd leg 0:0

    Why did it go to ET and pens?

    Aggregate score bug-acc1.jpg

    Aggregate score bug-b1.jpg
    Aggregate score bug-b2.jpg

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. We had an issue with the matches that ended 0-0 went to penalties despite the first result. :/ However, the fix has already been pushed.

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    Happened to loads apparently, they're offering 5 tokens to affected managers, pathetic really when you've dumped out of a cup for no good reason.
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    I have seen complaints elsewhere about no extra time and penalty shoot-out after a draw aggregate with same amount of away goals on both sides (examples: [3-1, 1-3], [4-1, 1-4]). So, based on the above posts concerning that [2-1, 0-0], it seems that the system considered the 2nd leg as a single knockout match, neglecting the 1st leg, hence explaining why no extra time and penalty shoot-outs when there should have been or vice versa.
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    I was Kicked off The Champions for a BUG

    Hi, I am a level 3 manager from Chile. I was eliminated from the Champions without reasons. I win 1-0 the first game in home. In the second game we draw 0-0 in the 90 min. So I WIN THE KEY....... But the game went to aggregated time, and I received a goal in the min 114..... we didn't go to penalties. And I lost the competition.

    This must be a bug. And I haven't received any answer from the support of the app. 😠

    Thanks. And I want my place in the Champions.

    Sorry for my English

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    All those cases are bugs.
    I 've seen many posts in fb pages.

    Spend +100 tokens and +500 greens to build a good team and disqualify from this.
    It's not priceless , it's 5 tokens.
    That's what they give for compensation

    They cannot cancel any previous game or competition table.

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    I had the first game 5-1 won
    second game 0-0 and lost on pen!

    problem is not fixed (i guess). Manual vieuw is a solution?

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    When it happened ?
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    Hi Jean,

    Can you please share a screenshot? Which round did this occur in?

    Thanks for any more info and sorry for this,