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    Stuck in loading screen in browser version

    I can't get past the loading screen in the pc website version of T11, after I clicked "sign-in with Facebook". Beneath the loading bar (which stops at 1/3 of the way and doesn't move for an hour, tried several times today) it says "The game has been updated, so loading may take a bit longer", but after an hour it still didn't load. Anyone else having this issue or found a solution to it?

    I can still play via the Android app on my phone when I conntect through Google Play, but the browser version on pc just doesn't work. Could it be a problem on Facebook's side? And is there an alternative way to log-in in the browser, apart from Facebook? Cause I only see that one button.

    Thanks for the help!

    EDIT: While I wrote this thread, of course, magically it finally started working. No idea why it didnt work all day though.
    Thread closed.
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    Thanks for the follow up, Polotoed!