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Thread: Injury player's problem

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    Injury player's problem

    What is happened with this game , last games 1 player got injured ,last 5 games..

    Other problem the game freezes if 1 game doesn't play, I must to wait until daily maintenance

    And something else , my friend s from the game disappeared/ appears thousand times per day..

    Should we still play this game, or should stop it?? What you will do if you'll be in ours place???

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    Yes, we have the problem with freeze friendlies the last days

    I removed a good friend today because his friendly game froze very early and my schedule was stuck there.

    About the injuries, it's just happening.
    But it not so bad in your case. You know the rule that a player cannot have another injury for the next 10-12 days so you are sure now that those players won't get an injury during critical games (semi/finals).
    You 're an old player so you must have some hundred/thousand reds, so no problem.
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