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Thread: Team training bonus not working

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    Team training bonus not working

    Team bonus (Attack, Def, Poss, Cond) not working properly. Usually i get my team attributes from 8% to 10% with 3 2x training but today i had to do 5 2x training session to get them from 8% to 10%.

    Individual player bonus didn't work as before.

    Im not sure if the its a bug or a game engine change. but had to spend more condition to get those bonuses and i have a match soon so have to spend greens

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    I get my bonus from 8% to 10% with two training, using the X2 video and condition loss 2X 6,25% or 6.75% for about 15-20 players.
    The problem comes when I don't have the X2 video.

    But I have players with double positions. DC+DMC, AML+ST. That's useful.
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    There is the possibility of a bug as I have noticed that sometimes the bonuses do not increase as expected. For example, when I did a defence session with the 2x training session, the gain was more than half for the defence bar from 8% to 10% but the gain when an attacking training was done using the 2x training bonus just after the defence session for about the same condition loss gave was only like 1/4 the bar as if the 2x training bonus did not work for that second training session.
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