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Thread: Formation Problems

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    Formation Problems

    I dont if im the only one but i found it hard sometimes to put the players exactly where i want, idk if you getting what im talking, like i have a aml and amr, i cant put them in the way they line up perfectly cus i cant put them both lined up, is there an easy way to do it? Thank you!

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    There is no problem or issue.
    At the old times, the positions of players were fixed (it was "digital", 0-1 ).
    Then they changed it adding a feature where the position of the player in the box was "analogue". Meaning if you put the player in front of the box, you were adding more attacking mode.
    Actually this was a fail of the program as it never happened (or the effect of this was meaningless) .
    Now it's "digital" again.
    It doesn't matter in which position your player is.
    It's just what position a player has when you "read" your or your opponent's squad.
    That's why if I cannot understand the positions of my opponent, I go to his team profile to see the exact positions it says.
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