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Thread: No one buys my players?!

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    No one buys my players?!

    They are three 19 year olds four star players from new youth academy.

    Last time previous 19 players get sold in auction within three hours, now ten hours have passed and not a single sold.

    Maybe due to the four star players coming out of the new youth academy? Or due to technical glitch?

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    System now has a default ‘quality requirement at a certain discount [minus clicks]’ for players to be sold within 3 hours or so. That is from observations of previous release, so please do correct me if I am wrong. The below is my experience just for your reference.

    Some better 80%+ quality players would usually get sold by -2 clicks from max possible. Worse quality of 60%+ could take -4 clicks.

    (2nd team) Had a 35% youth from YA cannot be even be sold with -5 clicks for 2 days and the player is back out from auction, and price of -6 clicks is just marginally more than the ‘sell now’ option, so I will train him hard until day 25 and try -5 again. If not sold, it is obvious that the auction option would not fit the low quality players from YA.
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