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    Android - No Club Menu, No way to exit tutorial.

    I have no Club menu to change anything. I also keep getting the message "This feature will be available after the tutorial.", although I completed the Preparation Tour (which I'm assuming is this version of a tutorial). Downloaded the game to Android 10 eleven hours ago.

    Game sounds sexy, but this is f***ng ridiculous to play as a starter. I will delete and 1* if this isn't resolved in 24 hours. Honestly, game design can't be this difficult.

    Pic related.Android - No Club Menu, No way to exit tutorial.-screenshot_20200802-145819_top-eleven.jpg
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    Hello, welcome to the game and forum. have you tried restarting the app?
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    Hi Bonjon,

    Thank you for letting us know about this. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    This should be all fixed now. You should be able to carry on with the Tutorial, so please let me know when you have a moment if you were able to continue.


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    Sorry for delayed reply--combination of a derecho & complete immersion in the game.

    Game rocks & is wildly addictive. Whatever the issue was is resolved. Thanks again.
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