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Thread: Associations Matching BUG!

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    Associations Matching BUG!

    Im so sorry but im sick of this! This cannot be real! All this season, all 4 pairing were terrible, we 6 began this season between 98-104% we were forced to go until 120+% but we all are same %, im so careful of our % (even substitudes) HOW IN THE WORLD 6* asso must face full 7* players! all those 3 asos are full 140%+ players. This season was absolutly terrible, WE DONT TANK, WE DONT MANIPULATE ASOS MATCHING! WE DONT CHEAT! And we have to face cheaters every single week, for 2 weeks in a row, we had to face cheating brazilean aso , with 1* and 2* players for sort, and they buy from Auctions 95-99% players just for matches...when will Nordeus punish CHEATERS! WHEN??? They punish 100% legal players... 100% legal asos...Associations Matching BUG!-emparejamiento2.jpgAssociations Matching BUG!-dewewe.jpg

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    My theory is that in some seasons “the game” just doesn’t want us to promote/stay in the division. And they make sure that by drawing against beasts, or giving us troll results.

    For example, this season has been one of those seasons for our association, we’ve been struggling to collect points to stay in platinum. In semi finals now, all my team mates except me are up against +10% opponent, while even though I’m the favorite in my match, turns out I lost the first game anyways (it was played 3am so could not attend). To me, these are signs that we are “meant to” relegate this season. Though we still have a chance and we’ll sure fight for it.