Hi everyone, top eleven is at it again.

Today, my team was again Liverpool. Initially, the game showed that I won 1:0, but nothing showed up when I check the match detail. Later, when I logged in again the game showed that I lost 1:2. This time, the match detail was available.

That was not the only strange thing. When I check the league window, it showed that both me and the other team won. both gained 3pts from the match. The match window showed that I won 1:0, but it showed I lost 1:2 when I clicked on that.

so I confused. Did I win or lose?
Two results for a same match.-capture1.jpgTwo results for a same match.-capture2.jpgTwo results for a same match.-capture3.jpgTwo results for a same match.-capture.jpgTwo results for a same match.-capture5.jpg