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Thread: I think I may have accidentally released a player I wanted to sign

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    Angry I think I may have accidentally released a player I wanted to sign


    I've been waiting ages for a DMC to appear in the Auctions to replace a DMC I already had who had a low quality so was surplus to requirements.

    Finally, a DMC turned up.

    Name: Milos Rajevac
    Position: DMC
    Sign Amount: 2.53 Million
    Date: Today (15/9/2020 Australian EST)
    Quality: 80% (give or take one percent)
    Age: 20

    I wanted to sell the DMC I already had (I. Sampaio) in my team but it appeared nobody bid for him.

    I eventually sold him to the agent.

    I then went to sign my new DMC (name above).

    I think I might have inadvertently released my new DMC because he does not appear in my list.

    I'm beside myself because I spent ages waiting for a suitable one to come along.

    And I spent most of my remaining tokens on him (I only have 1 token now).

    My squad name is : Academica CF
    My Game Center Manager ID is: ToMane 67
    My Top Eleven Manager ID is: -8645659003740019153

    I take this game seriously and usually buy the Monthly Card and the Special Sponsor.

    Is there a way I can get this player back?

    What amazes me is that you don't get a pop-up warning you that you're going to lose this player.

    One second I went to sign him and next second he was gone. The SIGN and RELEASE buttons must be really close to each other as well.

    I saw in another thread that Nordeus may offer, as a one time thing, to recover the player for you.

    I so hope this can happen. I spent so much time waiting patiently for the right DMC to come along and now he's gone before he even made my team.



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    Hey Tony,

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. Please contact the support using the form I'll give you and describe your issue there. They'll be able to help you.

    For official in-game help please refer to Top Eleven Support here.
    I upload top eleven content on my YouTube Channel.